Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G - This flash tutorial is used to solve various problems that occur on Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G. For example, if you have a bootloop or hang due to a virus, you can try this flashing method to solve the problem and other problems with Samsung Galaxy A01 software. The important thing to remember for this tutorial is to back up the data stored in the internal memory. Because with this flash process will delete the stored data. Read Also : Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015F

Firmware Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G
Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G

In addition to the four main features above, detailed info on the specifications and prices of the latest Samsung Galaxy A01 can be found in the table below. You can also compare the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G with other phones in detail through the compare facility.

However, before we start to the flashing process. It would be nice for you to first download the materials to smooth this flash stage as follows.

Flashing Materials Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G

Flash Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015G

#1. Please charge your Samsung smartphone until the battery is above 50%. Then please disable the smartphone first by pressing Power until it is completely off. Read Also : Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) SM-A750N

#2. Well now, extract all the ingredients you just downloaded and will get 5 official files. Please start installing SAMSUNG driver on PC Skip this if it has been done before.

#3. Open Tool Odin. Restart your smartphone by pressing both buttons, Vol (-) and Vol (+) and connect to your PC using a USB cable. If there is a better use of the original USB cable built in hp.

#4. will see that Odin will detect the device with a blue box and appear with the COM port number.

#5. Then, just add each file to Odin according to the column name BL, AP, CP, CSC. Use CSC files if you want to do a clean flash or HOME CSC if you want to save applications and data. Make sure not to check the additional boxes and the must-select are F Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

#6. Click the Start button, and wait for Odin to flash until a PASS appears in the green box. Once the flash is complete, the smartphone will reboot, and can disconnect the device from the PC.

#7. Until this stage the flashing process is complete. Please complete the Hp settings as when the first time the phone was purchased. Like choosing a language and others.

– Before the Samsung galaxy A01 flash method starts, try to backup the data if you still have time.

– If when booting more than 10 minutes, you have to wipe through recovery, how to turn off your Samsung, go to recovery by pressing "Volume Up + Home + Power", then select the wipe menu (cache, data, dalvik cache).

Well that's a short tutorial this time from me on How to Flash Hp Samsung Galaxy A01 Via Odin3 Software, Hopefully this article can be useful and help you who are again confused because his beloved Hp suddenly bootloop or pegged logo only. Thank you for visiting. Read Also : Firmware Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) SM-A750F

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