Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B

Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ - How to flash Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B - We know that a phone as good as anything over time will experience damage, whether it's software or hardware. Well, this time I will discuss about how to repair software damage specifically for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with flashing method. Flashing is commonly used to solve problems on mobile phones such as Bootlop or Stuck logo, restart yourself, difficult factory reset, forget patterns, pins, and passwords, application errors, root failure, and worse matot or completely dead. Read Also : Unduh Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B
Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B

If you experience any of the problems I mentioned above, please follow this tutor. In addition to repairing flashing phones can also optimize the performance of the phone. Before you flashing Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B you should prepare the necessary tools and materials first. This is to facilitate you and minimize errors that will cause your phone to be badly damaged.

Flash Tools and materials Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B

Here are the tools and materials you should prepare:

Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B Flash Steps

Follow these steps correctly:

Extract all downloaded ingredients, Install Samsung USB Driver on Computer, Turn off your phone. Turn on your phone by pressing the power + Volume down button until you see "Downloading Mode". Read Also : Download Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3

If you are already in downloading mode and press Volume up once, Connect your phone using a USB cable to your computer, Then open the Odin tool, Make sure the top left is blue. It means your phone is readable, In the AP tab Odin then find the firmware you have extracted

If there is a 4/5 file from the extract then enter the BL file for bootoader, AP for AP, CSC for CSC and CP for CP.

Wait for the firmware to come in on Odin depending on the PC specifications used. Next press Start

Wait for the flash process to run long flashing depending on the size of the firmware in the flash and the specifications of your computer. If flashing is successful, a green sign will appear in the top left corner with the caption "PASS!"


That's a tutorial on how to flash Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G986B with Odin that I can discuss this time. Hopefully it can help those of you who are looking for a solution to solve problems on mobile phones with software damage. You can try it with the flashing method. Oh yes, for Samsung phones until now flashing can only be done using a PC or Laptop. Read Also : Rom Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra SM-G988U1

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