Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F

Romphe.com - How to flash Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus via Odin - This time Samsung is back in the Indonesian market continuing the S20 series by bringing more advanced features than the previous series. Still using the Exynos 990 (7 nm+) chipset which is claimed to be able to devour even heavy games. For full specifications please click here.

Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F
Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F

Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F, Smartphones with SM-G985F code sometimes have some problems arising from user errors such as being infected with malware or viruses so that the phone cannot boot or run optimally. Therefore, the phone must be reinstalled immediately to factory settings Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F.

Before you flashing please try first how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus here. Factory reset method is safe and highly recommended. Not all device problems can be fixed in this way because each damage is different handling.

Attention Flashing will delete all existing data on the smartphone, therefore if possible please back up all important data both photos, videos, contacts and other important data.

How to flash Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus via Odin

Flash materials:

Samsung Drivers - Visit Site

Tool OdinV3 - Visit Site

Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Indonesia - Visit Site

Flashing steps :

#1. Make sure all of the above ingredients are downloaded. Extract all the ingredients.

#2. Next install the Samsung USB driver on your computer, if it has been installed skip only.

#3. Set up your phone and make sure it's off. Make sure the battery is more than 75%. Turn on the device by pressing and holding the power + Volume down button until the downloading appears on the screen, if successfully entered the downloading menu then press Volume up once Then connect the device using the original data cable to the PC

#4. Then you open and run the Odin tool. Also make sure the Odin software on the top right is blue which means that the driver is already connected between the phone and the laptop.

#5. Search odin tab AP and find the firmware that has been extract. If in the firmware of the extract result there are 4/5 bl input files for bootoader, AP for AP, CSC for CSC and CP for CP.

#6. Wait a few moments for the firmware to come in on Odin depending on the type of PC used, Then you press Start below.

Wait for the flashing process to run long time flashing depending on the size of the file in the flash and computer specifications.

#7. If flashing is successful, a green sign will appear in the top left corner of the odin with the Samsung Galaxy S20+ restart.


Unduh Firmware Samsung Galaxy S20+ SM-G985F If this tutorial how to flash Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus helps please share to your friends who are experiencing damage.

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