Firmware Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F - Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F lovers of android phones, On this occasion I will discuss a tutorial on How to flash Samsung Galaxy M31 via odin 3. Flashing itself can be interpreted as reinstalling the operating system if applied to a PC or Laptop Firmware Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F.

Firmware Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F
Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F

Similarly, on Android flashing phones are done to reinstall the firmware or rom, which this method is usually done to solve some problems that often occur in Android phones, especially this Samsung Galaxy M31. Frequent problems include Bootlop or Stuck Logo, self-restarting, forgetting patterns, passwords, and screen lock pins, application errors, root failure, or even matot aliases completely dead, Firmware Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F.

Well, therefore flashing is the best solution to solve software problems, so you do not need to go to the counter to fix it because it can be done alone at home.

However, before we start to the flashing process. It would be nice for you to download the materials in advance to facilitate this flash stage as follows.

Flashing Materials Samsung Galaxy M31

After all the ingredients you've managed to prepare, now let's just start to the flashing stage. Listen carefully yes.

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy M31 Work

#1. Extract the Samsung Galaxy M31 firmware file first using WinRar or 7-Zip.

#2. Disable the Galaxy M31. After that enter Downloading Mode by pressing the button (POWER + VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN) at the same time.

#3. Release all three buttons when the Samsung logo appears.

#4. Press the volume up button once when it is in the display (WARNING) in order to enter the main menu downloading mode.

#5. Connect your Galaxy M31 to your PC with a USB cable and open the ODIN app with "Run as administrator" Right Click. Make sure ODIN has detected the device by looking at the text 'Added!!' in the ODIN "Log" tab or there is a USB port address under [ID:COM].

#6. Click the tab (OPTIONS) and then check (AUTO REBOOT) and (F. RESET TIME). The rest, leave it blank. If the firmware file you downloaded is only 1 FILE, then please click the AP button and select the file.

#7. But if there are 4 firmware files (CSC, BL, AP, CP), please enter one by one according to the name in the column BL, AP, CP and CSC.

#8. Click the (START) button to start the flashing process and wait for it to finish. If successful, Odin will show a PASS notification!!.

#9. As soon as the installation process is complete, the phone itself will restart. But if that is not the case, please press the button (POWER + VOLUME DOWN) and hold until the screen is blank / black finished.

Well, there's a simple tutorial from us on How to flash a Firmware Samsung Galaxy M31 SM-M317F with Odin. Hopefully it can help those of you who are looking for a solution to solve problems on mobile phones with software damage.

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