Download Firmware Acer Liquid Z330 - How to Flash Acer Liquid Z330 via QFIL Tested Success 100% Firmware Free Without Password, welcome back to, this time I will share a tutorial how to flash Acer Liquid Z330 smartphone via Pc. Specifically for this Acer Liquid Z330 smartphone series we will use QFIL Software or Qualcomm Flash Image Loader.

This is because the chipset used by Acer Liquid Z330 is Qualcomm, the way is slightly different but in general it is not nearly the same stage by stage. It can be said to be easy but it requires precision and thoroughness Firmware Download Acer Liquid Z220.

Acer Liquid Z330
Acer Liquid Z330

All right, go straight to the scene, get a good data cable, a mobile phone is recommended. Then make sure the smartphone battery is charged, at least 30-40%. if it is ready all directly to the stages / steps flash below:


Backup: Be sure to back up your personal data first if you want to update or upgrade your software/firmware with this method, as the data will be permanently lost after the flash process is complete.

Step 1: USB

Step 2 : Download and extract the QFIL or Qualcom Flash Image Loader on your computer.

Step 3 : Download Acer Liquid Z330h QFIL Firmware.

Step 4 : Youthful extract Acer Liquid Z330 QFIL Firmware on your computer.

Step 5 : Now open QFIL.exe (right-click run as administrator).

Step 6: If it is open then the display.

Step 7 : Now Click on the Browse Tab.

Step 8 : navigate to the extract folder of Acer Liquid Z330 Firmware, locate the image with extension prog_emmc.mbn

Step 9 : Click the download button in blue.

Step 10 : Connect or connect your smartphone to your computer off.

Step 11 : After the usb driver is detected and installed successfully, the flash process will run, this will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Step 12 : Once finished your smartphone automatically reboots and loads into the settings wizard screen.


Thus How to Flash Acer Liquid Z330 via QFIL Tested Success 100% Firmware Free Without Password, good luck hopefully useful. If you encounter problems when downloading the above files.

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