Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy S10+ XID Indonesia Google Drive - Welcome to the world how to Flash a Samsung Galaxy S10 + gives a new breakthrough brings the screen and the view is getting nice full screen until touching the kasing, so it looks very nice when watching movies and fiture very good with a contrast full of millions of colors so it is not too sick when looking at the screen from Samsung that makes the look good certainly not escape from how to Flash Samsung Galaxy S10 + because in inserting the firmware does not use that way.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ XID Indonesia Google Drive Therefore I will share a tutorial for you how to Flashing a Samsung Galaxy S10 + Via Odin but, before going into the tutorial can you see only the specifications because different types of different firmware in performing how to Flashing a Samsung Galaxy S10 + Via Odin, indeed in flash so as not to fatal should adjust the type of firmware with the SM the end Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy S10+ XID Indonesia Google Drive.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+

The other advantages of camera S10 + are super-clear and auto-focus, do not believe you try not to drool or loss if only look at the image, one of the 12 MP + 16MP camera configuration So do not be asked anymore for thrilling results, the original top image result is like real look outside the camera with the clarity that has been given by Samsung S10 +.

Super AMOLED screen FHD + 6.4 inches and Exynos 9820 Octa processor (8 nm) thus helping the performance and speed by using the Snapdragon is certainly free from the word lelet and Lemot, additional 8 GB RAM as well as the internal memory of 128 GB makes storage media very wide install many powerful applications.

The current Android OS 9.0 up from the previous Samsung version of Oreo so no longer responsibility with a large version is certainly a very good menu display and enhanced security, so as to be free from the instant usage of the security breakthrough by the irresponsible party.

Flash Materials Samsung S10 +

How to Flash Samsung S10 +

#1. Prepare in advance the flash material, three files should not be missed see the version when downloading files do not get wrong firmware so as not to fail when the Flash key only compares SM, just like behind it.

#2. Do not separate files that have been downloaded into a folder, because it is easiest and easy to run the flash, the proof I've done so as not to mix with the firmware files when the computer is used to flash.

#3. Go to all files except USB Driver can directly install, how to install open RAR or zip Click Open then click OK Automatically installed follow the instructions that are already on the computer can be used to use Windows 7 computer.

#4. Only USB does not have to install there is no problem, it is different with two Odin files and the firmware should go to open, not still in the form of RAR, because until whenever Odin can not reach the situation is already in the.

#5. Finished the open Odin using my way, can use Run as administrator wait until it opens, then turn off the smartphone until it really turns off there is vibration when turning off Samsung S10 +.

#6. Go into pick up mode by pressing the power button, Bixby, and volume down and continue the process of incoming mode press the volume up key, it is somewhat rebet if the first time learning Flash, the same with my new learning is indeed very spinning.

#7. Click AP/PDA in Odin Enter the firmware that has been taken previously made one file such as my suggestion, just enter it and loading wait until entering before the flash process is done.

#8. See Odin while connecting a Samsung USB using data cable See and note there is a reading ID: COM, the sign of Flash is ready to start.

#9. Click Start to start flashing, just wait until the smartphone reboot and there is a reading pass with a smartphone mark has succeeded in the flash and see how it looks now whether there is a difference. 

The word

If the smartphone S10 + can not be in Flash I said that the firmware version is appropriate or not and MMC smartphone is still normal or not because of many problems that could cause the flash to not run successfully in leave firmware does not match.

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