Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy S10 5G XID Indonesia Google Drive - Present again wednesday Juli 29, 2020 at 03:00 PM, in order how to Flash Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977N by bringing interesting forms and features with the Android version of the High Smartphone 9.0 (PIE), Samsung products do make me wow quality ventured to make the Android version up 9.0 with the way Flash Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977N My version, not only that's just that way it also gives and repairs firmware damage.

As people experience the world of Flash is not easy in doing that, then I gave the previous tutorial in the Flash world but for this time different in the title how to Flashing Samsung Galaxy S10 5G certainly most likely will be successful, although it does not allow different smartphone different firmware but for how Flashing Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is almost the same, although you distinguish type SM only with different endings Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy S10 5G XID Indonesia Google Drive.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G XID
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G XID

Carrying a 2x core OCTA processor 2.73 1.5 GHz cortex A55, surely in processing will not feel the lek in online gaming games that are currently trending young people who love to play games and chating, let alone many install many games when uninstall wrong, until the system files modified until exposed Delete do not expect smartphones are okay can happen and Hank logo.

The solution in repairing is not complicated and easy for certain people who are accustomed to fix a damaged smartphone or Hank logo, because already know the gap in fixing but as a good person I admin will also give to you the tutorial as long as you guys do not panek and calm only yuk we start below follow.

Samsung S10 5G Flash Tool

How to Flash S10 5G

#1. Log all files above from Odin, USB driver, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G firmware. Surely have made one folder and extract it in one folder just do not get outside, because it is easy to find a flash tool.

#2. Install USB driver on your computer until properly finished, certainly know how to install Samsung USB see no other USB first afraid of Flash does not run properly duplicate USB very hard detected Samsung S10 5G smartphone.

#3. Open the extract result from Odin using Run as Administrator right click on the mouse find the top if there is direct click, see Odin already open immediately notice all the menus do not until there is changed.

#4. Turn off the smartphone press the volume off see until there is a vibration on the noticeably powered Samsung smartphone is dead, directly go into mode take how to press the power button, volume Down and Fisixby until it goes into mode to such a condition smartphone ask to enter the data cable.

#5. Plug the Samsung Galaxy smartphone softly and USB is plugged into the smartphone and the computer there is a sound incoming ID: COM in Odin, the sign Samsung already connected and ready to start the flash.

#6. Click on the AP in Odin find the firmware file just enter do not hesitate to make sure that the incoming firmware does not get wrong firmware because it will happen fatal in Flash, can damage the Android operating system can die forever.

#7. Just ignore the firmware already entered in Odin see the bottom there is a click Start reading that will start the first flash you try, and the flash process has been running waiting for the results around about 15 minutes until the reading pass.

The word

Flash makes it easy for us to substitute from the update manual takes time and the battery must be above 50% so as not to down when it takes and the network should be stable 2 MB upwards is great for updates Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones.

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