Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy M10 Google Drive - Samsung Galaxy M10 comes with the latest from Samsung's product screen updates from smartphones before from the 5-inch screen to be larger and the better fiture the 6.2 inch HD infinity-V screen is useful for viewing HD video quality.

Complete with two front camera 5 MP + rear camera in call also the main camera is 13 MP, the problem of quality do not ask for sure it is good to make users do not lose in using smartphones M10 Firmware Samsung Galaxy M10.

Firmware Samsung Galaxy M10
Firmware Samsung Galaxy M10

RAM is still relatively small that is 2 GB and 16 GB of internal memory has become a habit of Samsung smartphones at standard prices, but there is an advantage behind clear sound that users will not regret after buying a Samsung M10 smartphone.

The current version of Android Oreo 8.1.0 is already a big version and support a lot of applications, just look for the latest firmware update you can check in two ways can use system updates and see the update here, therefore I will give an update using Flash, just right check in the firmware section.

Flash Tool Samsung M10

How to Flash M10

#1. Things that should not be missed from flash or update process is, three important files are used to flash the USB Driver, Odin Samsung, and the M10 firmware, adjust to the smartphone that you have but here M10 many versions for SM watch and match it with your smartphone.

#2. All applications are already downloaded and saved on the computer that you have to make sure all the files especially the firmware download well, make one folder so that it is easier to do update or flashing to fix smartphones that are error and damaged caused by many viruses that already damage the system.

#3. Extract all files do not separate with the folder I have said above, after that install the application USB Driver Samsung, for 2 firmware files and Odin Samsung does not have to install just for firmware inserted into Odin before the flash process starts.

#4. If all the files are ready to stay we just turn off the smartphone that you have by the way press the power button until completely dead Samsung smartphone, after that just go into download mode by pressing the power button, Fisixby volume Down then to continue press volume up.

#5. Open Odin and connect the data cable to the computer from the USB smartphone and see the read ID: COM, in the part of Odin just look at the top most left is usually detected well and the computer there is a sound as usual enter the data cable, the sign of the smartphone already connected to the computer stay the next way.

#6. Insert the firmware into Odin by clicking on AP/PDA then the Search folder will appear to enter your firmware, just search in 1 folder of extract results that have been saved before.

#7. If you have entered in Odin stay our last process ie click Start at the bottom of the flash is usually the process is running, we wait until the last is that there is a reading pass gives the sign that flashing is complete and the smartphone will reboot, will give the initial look like a factory reset.

End words

Make sure before you start flashing the battery above 50% so that when restarting the smartphone can be strong and normal life as usual that becomes an important part in Flash so as not to make power shortage for battery.

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