Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy A10 - Samsung Galaxy A10 has a good look and good makes the user more attractive and durable there is a black layer that makes the smartphone more durable, seen from users make the wearer not bored using a Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone, HD screen resolution plus good for viewing high-quality HD video Rom Samsung Galaxy A10.

Super AMOLED display with a size of 6.2 inches added again with a screen that has millions of colors making it very convenient for A10 smartphone users, not only that the additional cameras that have a size of 13 MP rear camera is far with a front-end that only 5 MP gives the brightness when shooting Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy A10.

Samsung Galaxy A10
Samsung Galaxy A10

RAM adjusts to the current smartphone to A10 RAM 2 GB and 32 GB ROM allows install and save important files of the various kinds of files that we want such as document, photo and APK as well as system files from the default A10 smartphone.

Android OS version 9.0 no update to version up, where every year is often the increasing application of the newer Android OS must adjust, aiming to fix bugs or views as well as not to forget the security is increasingly difficult to be in the translucent, then from that to the Android system updates can you see below.

Samsung A10 Flash Tool

How to Flash Samsung A10

#1. Most importantly when the flash or update is very simple once, it is only necessary to prepare when the Flash is three important files such as; Odin, USB, and firmware A10, see Find the latest firmware update if available.

#2. Make 1 folder so as not to confusion when inserting the firmware into Odin one time the push finish and loading for the first time firmware open odin, but only temporarily do not have to cry does not have me as well.

#3. The files have been obtained all directly you all extract, not to be missed for those who learn flash beginner, because later firmware and Odin have to state already outside the application zip and rar let read by Odin.

#4. The most stressed step for us when entering the mode, if not know can directly press the power button, Fisixby, and volume Down then to continue press volume up seen loading in the smartphone A10, OK.

#5. Smartphone put on first, let's open Odin application using Run as Administrator useful for Odin application is not closed and not easy note responding, plug in the data cable certainly reads as usual plug the USB to a computer.

#6. ID: COM is a sign of the smartphone data cable is already connected to the computer, we live way to the last one which will already finish, after this is done but caution should be firmware according to the type of smartphone SM and look behind it.

#7. View a row of squares in Odin search and click AP/DA go to the folder of any stay we hover only where you have saved the file into 1 folder, just click the firmware enter automatically login.

#8. Click Start to start Flash wait until the firmware actually enters and updates the contents of the smartphone by reboot, meaning the mark of the smartphone has begun to finish see Odin no reading pass means flash success.

That's all you can do for the tutorial, if you can not understand and understand slowly the important battery 50% upwards to be good in flash, because I myself never flash if under 50% is already a rule in flashing.

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