Download Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F Firmware Android 10 Q One UI - Samsung Galaxy S10 starts with updates from smartphones to hardware where Samsung's products always make the best for users, not only that makes Samsung the best viewed from the firmware side of Samsung smartphone is very easy to do in the mode of change from the original firmware to the ROM we want.

Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F

Talking about Samsung's smartphone firmware very much, from the original firmware Samsung moding that was desired by a held by deliberately making the display better and certainly as desired, changes in the firmware is already done so much that there is a group that makes on social media, for it should be before doing flash let's just look at the specifications and compare according to the firmware we want.

The rear camera is 12 MP to 16 MP, which can be used to take pictures of the scenery around us, both day and night already adapted to expensive and fancy smartphones as well, the operating system Android 10 Q One UI.

After looking at a glance about the specs just as we see exactly how the correct flash fit the smartphone that we have precisely on the Samsung S10, because we flash because the smartphone has errors and want to update the firmware to the higher or fix the errors that are on the smartphone, we just see how.

Samsung S10 Flash Tool

How to Flash Samsung S10

#1. Surely all files you already have, not to be missed all from USB, Odin, and firmware is already a unity of a smartphone that support each other, as we want certainly original firmware that is already above.

#2. Just make 1 folder should not be separated by another, facilitate flash to find files in the insert to Odin because when separated is very difficult in search because in computer not only folders and Flash files only, but other computer files are already downloaded also there.

#3. Extract all the files ranging from Odin, USB, and firmware wrapped with ZIP or rar because it is useful for all of them to secure from malicious files that can make corrupt important files from flash that can make the flash run in place and not finished in Flash.

#4. Install all applications except Odin directly on the open easily, without installing with the default of Odin application creation, open using the run administrator as usual I did.

#5. Odin already open just stay you plug the Samsung USB Driver into the computer see the result there is a reading ID: COM at the top corner in Odin, ready next step.

#6. Click on the AP/PDA that is already open Odin, immediately look for the firmware and enter, just loading wait it's normal, because the firmware is already trying to get into Odin, before that just notice and adjust in the menu section is usually indeed for the new firmware just one.

#7. Turn off the smartphone first, surely it's dead and just go into mode by pressing the power button, Bixby, and volume down, to continue clicking the volume up complete.

#8. Click Start and wait Odin has been running the flash process for approximately 15 minutes can be fast and can be slow according to the state of view and monitor so you know how long flash.

#9. There is a reading pass means the Flash is done just wait for the reboot of the smartphone see if it is still error or it was like first buy it.

Flash drive

If there is still an error you stay fix with three fingers, the way is very easy, the power button and volume down do not get detached until you enter a factory reset, backup All files first after it could be, General Management Reset factory data reset, then reset Delete all.

No further steps can be done by pressing and holding the Volume up and Bixby keys and press the volume key as the steering menu to the "wipe

Data/Factory Reset "power button as a confirmation button, now press the volume down key to go to the option" YES-delete all user data  ". and finished. Reboot only the smartphone.

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