Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K

Romphe || Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) smartphone Samsung shv-e160k firmware is your favorite smartphone which samsung Note is made for the likes of variants of Samsung that have been made for various types and needs for you, but although Samsung share that is strong sometimes if the hank due to many install your smartphone tau because the file system is deleted then can - can your favorite Samsung sudden damage can hank logo, if from you do not know hank logo can pay attention to understanding as follows hank logo is smartphone that can not be normal or live like other smartphones because in the cause of various factors that have damaged your smartphone like the file one of them in the delete it can shv-e160k firmware - can hank the logo or can also be interpreted can not enter keen like other Samsung.

Find a custom ROM Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K hard because it is rare that develop this HP there is also the site Vietnamese and Japanese language. There is one site namely XDA Developer that discusses how to flashing this HP is just a bit  I think the heck because the step a lot of really the edges are not successful also flashing NI HP. I ended up looking for more on forums but met the fitting, There is one of the Vietnamese speaking sites that I found with the keyword SHV E160l, on this site I have to use Google Translate to be able to understand this web content  shv-e160k firmware Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) Because it speaks Vietnamese.

Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K

NOTE !!! : I am not responsible if there is damage at the time of flashing Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K then flash it with caution.

Flash Tools

Steps Flash

#1. Things that should not be forgotten is extract all the files that have been downloaded because it is still in the form of zip to live extract all is wrong because already in extract easy to run the application. 

#2. Open Odin and install Samsung Driver on your PC until finished if it can restart your computer.

#3. Live step Next turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K and turn it back on by pressing the volume down key + home + power simultaneously and wait for it to vibrate into download mode and press the volume up button then it goes into download mode.

#4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note (Korea) SHV-E160K to your PC using the USB cable so it automatically detected ID: COM on Odin turns on the phone and your PC is connected with Odin.

#5. Lost click PDA / AP on Odin and navigate the file of your firmware extract result that is formatted xxx.tar.md5 where you put it there you can enter on odin wait until the loading process is complete.

#6. Live directly click START and wait until the process is complete until there is a reading PASS.

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