How to Install TWRP Root Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Without PC - How to Root Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F sales have pretty hefty difference signify. Some differences between the two could be a benchmark for us to choose one of the two.

Front camera and he used RAM Quad-core CPU 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53, 5 megapixel front camera and the RAM is only 1.5 GB capacity only.

Apart from that starting from battery, rear camera, protection of Corning Gorilla Glass, But this smart phone for the second discussion I will not discuss it further, because at this time the article I will give you a about how to Root Samsung Galaxy A3 2016.

How to Install TWRP Root Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Without PC

If you have the want to do the root of one or even both, here I will present how to root. 

Modify and Rooting the device can lead to loss of warranty, damages, Bootlop and so on. 

Remember I am not responsible for any damage that may occur on a device you guys caused by using the information and files that are on this site.


Before starting the process, I recommend you to do a FULL BACKUP, either operating system Android or other important data. Because if an error occurs, then you can restore/restore to the circumstances as they are.

Root Galaxy A3 via Odin, without Install TWRP (CF-Auto-Root)

How to Root without install TWRP, which in this case is to use applications Auto Root I think CF is the easiest and most practical thing to do. 

Because we do not need to install the system into smartphones TWRP beforehand, but directly using the me root application ODIN. But in this case we obviously need a computer as helpers and media for use in this way, the following steps.

#1. The smart phone will be ready root.

#2. Prepare a computer, be it in the form of a PC or laptop.

#3. Prepare the original USB cable.

#4. Download Samsung USB Drivers and then install into your computer (restart the computer if necessary).

#5. Download applications apps Odin3 v 3.12.3 then extract the file into your computer.

#6. Download CF Auto Root below, however you guys choose one only. Customize with a smartphone model will you guys root.
If you have downloaded the file, extract it into your computer.

If all the required materials and preparation is ready, the next note the rooting steps following this carefully and do not let anyone miss the root to be successful and succeed.

-Turn on USB debugging Lock and OEM's in a smart phone you guys first. To enable it, follow the instructions below.

-Enable on  "Mode developer/Developer Option " first by the way go to the menu Settings " " then scroll down, fine and open About Device (about the Device/phone) > Information Software (Software Info) > and discover the Build Number " ".

-Next, tap as much as 5-7 times on  "the Build Number " until the notification appears  "Mode is already active Developer " (notification or the like).

-After the developer mode is already active, then press return or back to the settings menu. Scroll down again, find and open the  "Developer Option/Mode Developer ".

-Proceed with finding writing  "OEM Lock " and   "USB Debugging" then activate/enable both.

Disable the smart phone you guys are up to on position off the total. After that enter the menu  "Downloading"  Mode by pressing the button's "Volume down + Home + Power " simultaneously until your smart phone to vibrate. If the mode is already downloading menu appears, continue on again by pressing the Volume up to confirm.

Open the computer you guys and run the application by way of ODIN's "Run as administrator ". After that connect the smart phone to your computer via the USB cable. Make sure that the computer or application Odin detects smart phone which you connect.

After computers and Smartphones connected, next on application ODIN search writing  "AP ". There will be a new window pops up, then go on to look for the file CF already you guys Root Auto download and extract into the computer you guys earlier.

Click the start button on the Odin and wait a few moments until the installation process CF Auto Root into the smart phone you guys. Once completed, the smartphone will restart automatically. At this stage, you can unplug the USB cable that connects between your smart phone with your computer.

At the time of re-booting the smart phone, the process will be a bit longer and the screen seemed be totally off. But at this stage you guys don't do anything the smart phone you guys. Wait until the screen turns on by itself and after, on the screen will appear a red colored android logo accompanied some writing. Again, wait until the root process finishes.

Root Galaxy TWRP via A3 (SuperSU)

To root through the process of doing this, how TWRP is a bit different from the way the first one. Due to the first stages that must be done is to install/replace the default CWM with custom TWRP first, and then to root process will through custom TWRP. For the second way, following the steps.

#1. Download SuperSU Application then copy/copy the file into your phone memory or memory card.

#2. TWRP A3 2017 (SM-A320F) NO TWRP A3 2016 (SM-A310) Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310 then into the smart phone you guys. For installation, how this TWRP tantamount to the first way above it's just election file CF Auto Root renamed TWRP File.

3. When the installation finished, done TWRP's next smartphone you guys off and enter the menu by pressing the button TWRP  "Power + Volume up + Home " simultaneously until your smart phone to vibrate and TWRP menu appears.

#4. On the menu, tap TWRP  "Install " and find the file already SuperSU you guys put in the memory card or phone memory.

#5. Wipe the direction of right on the menu's "Swipe to Confirm " and wait until the process of rooting completed. When the process is finished, the next tap on  "Reboot System ".

#6. To find out whether the smart phone you guys really are already in a State of root, please download the application Root Checker that is in Google's Play Store.

Root Galaxy A3 Without Computer (KingRoot APK)

As I've described in my previous few articles, that the process of doing the rooting without using a computer, its success rate is extremely low. However, if you want to try to do this way, the root here is the application that I recommend to you use along with how to use it.

#1. KingRoot. Download apk then extract the file into your phone memory/memory card.

Once downloaded, proceed with the install it into the smart phone you guys.

#2. If there is a message "Install Blocked" Please open the settings menu Security > & activate  "Unknown Source/Source Unknow".

#3. Before running the application, make sure that the smart phone you guys connected to the internet either through a hotspot, wi-fi or data connection.

#4. Run the application and proceed with the download of tap/click  "Root " that was in the blue circle and wait until the process completed. If there is a message "Blocked Installation  " when the process of rooting, tap on More Details " " then select the  "Install anyway (unsafe) ".

#5. Wait until the root process completed.

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