Firmware Download For Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050 - Samsung Galaxy A6+ also known as the Samsung Galaxy Lite A9 in China and Korea in the Galaxy Jean is an android smartphone has just been released from Korea's largest cell phone store. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A6 + has a large 6 inch capacitive touchscreen Super AMOLED display has 1080 x 2220 pixels resolution. Android Oreo 8.0 free operating guarantee hank on various games.

As I already mentioned have Oreo's Android rom/8, so our goal is here to help you for flashing or updates on your device Firmware Download For Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050.

Firmware Download For Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050
Firmware Download For Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050

Please note that this tutorial is only compatible to Samsung Galaxy A6 + SM-A605F, Samsung Galaxy A6 + SM-A605FN, Samsung Galaxy A6 + SM-A605G, Samsung Galaxy A6 + SM-A605GN, Samsung Galaxy A6 + A6050 BC-and Samsung Galaxy A6 + SM-A605K.

NOTE !!! : I am not responsible if there is damage at the time of flashing then of that please be careful for his attention thanks.

Flash Tools Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050

Steps Flash Samsung Galaxy A6+ 2018 / A9 Star Lite SM-A6050

#1. The first thing we have to do is download all the necessary files. There are three files needed for flashing. The first is the firmware itself and the second is  "Odin's" Flash application files for Your Galaxy A6 Plus and the third USB to connect to your computer.

Firmware file which is named after the type of smartphone. Please download first full dudah above.

When you click one of the links you will be directed to another page where you must select the files by country/region below. Please note that for Galaxy A6 + Oreo's Android firmware version 8.0.

#2. After the download is complete you must enable  "USB debugging mode " on Your Galaxy A6 +. To activate it please go to the settings menu and click on the check mark to  "USB debugging"   "from the Developer options ".

#3. now after you enable USB debugging you need to shut down and put it into the download mode. For it when the lower power state please press and hold the "Power"   +  "Vol Down " key at the same time to enter into the download. Once you get the warning screen press Vol Up " " to enter into the Download Mode.

#4. After being on  "Download Mode ", please go to application Odin with administrative privileges on your PC. Now connect or tancap A6 you use the USB data cable to your computer. If the connection is successful you will get  "Added " mail from application of Odin. If you don't get  "Added " message please reinstall USB Samsung driver and try again.

#5. because all ready living now, let's start flashing. For that please click  "AP " key from the window of Odin and select  "tar." you're md5 download point where you guys save the firmware file on your computer. When found please click  "Start " button to start the process of flashing. Now wait until the procedure is completed and until the phone is rebooted

After flashing process is completed you will get you "Pass " mail from application of Odin. You can now confirm the software version of your Galaxy A6 plus from the settings menu.

#6. Finished already do our lives follow flashing instructions on your smartphone to be used properly.

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