Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

Romphe.comSony Xperia XZ F8331 Smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 820 quad-core chipset, which combines two dual-core Kryo processors running at 1.6 and 2.15 GHz. In addition, this smartphone has 3GB of RAM for multi-tasking and 32GB of efficient storage capacity added with SD card support up to 256GB Full HD 1920 x 1080 original resolution This phone lets you view 1080p content without losing pixels on the back of the phone there is a 23MP camera with Exmor RS 1 /2.3 sensor for capturing bright and detailed images. For high resolution selfie and 1080p video shooting, XZ also comes with 13MP OS front camera android Marshmallow update to large version of Nougat try to see table below.

Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

NOTE !!! : I am not responsible if there is damage at the time of flashing then of that please be careful for his attention thanks.

Link Download

Steps of Flash Sony Xperia XZ F8331

#1. Things that should not be forgotten is extract all the files that have been downloaded because it is still in the form of winrar live extract all is wrong because if it is in the extract easy to run the application.

#2. Open Flashtool and install Driver after you have finished installing Flashtool on your PC until finished if it can restart your computer or not.

please double click the flashtool-drivers.exe file in the folder C: \ Flashtool \ drivers. examples of the appearance as follows:

Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

Install Driver As per your Smartphone is usually like that :

Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

After finished install flashtool and the driver is installed, we just go to the guide flashing Sony Xperia.

#3. All you extract especially firmware then you will get file with extension .ftf. After that, please place the file in the folder C: \ Flashtool \ firmwares.

#4. Open Flashtool image example like this.

Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

#5. if you see the lightning logo just click located in the top right corner, under the File menu then a prompt will appear to select the mode. For this time please select Flashmode.

#6. After you click OK a flash mode window will pop up. In the window, please select the firmware you want to flash. Check on Wipe data, wipe cache, and no final verification as shown below :
Firmware Download For Sony Xperia XZ F8331

#7. When finished all just click the OK button, then flashtool will loading and prepare the flashing process. then a prompt will appear asking you to plug your USB cable along with smartphone in flash mode.

#8. Press Volume Down or Back Arrow on Smartphone then, Connect your smartphone to the USB cable with to die and die then loading briefly and USB well detected then flashing process usually run well and reach 100% mean have success.

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