Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 Features And All Flash File Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 is a good and good smartphone because of us much more than just watching and looking into its uniqueness, Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 is an added style for your collection of digital accessories. Black watches not only look sleek and sophisticated, but also offer a number of useful features. 

The watch lets you make and receive calls, the Galaxy Gear Neo is completely customizable, allowing you to create a look that really belongs to you. Model Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 has a clear AMOLED Super screen. At 1.6 inches, this is big enough so you can read the message or check it easily. Smartwatch is lightweight and made with flexible materials, making it the perfect companion for any activity. 

You can personalize your look with themes that are compatible with your preferred taste. You can change the style or design of your clock, wallpaper, and font. Watches can even be used with accessories such as interchangeable ropes, allowing you to achieve a truly personalized look.

Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 Features And All Flash File

When paired with Samsung phones and tablets, Gear 2 Neo gives you instant notifications when you receive new messages. You can also sync your email account to your watch, making it easy to check messages on the go. Gear can make and receive calls, Gear is also compatible with a variety of social media applications and third-party productivity, which further enhances your experience. 

Various entertainment applications are also compatible with smartwatch, including for cable TV. This app lets you control your TV box and cable with just a few swipes of the screen. Neo makes an excellent excess for fitness enthusiasts who want to exercise without bringing in a complicated smartphone. 

The built-in heart rate sensor helps you achieve cardiovascular goals while exercising. Pedometer tool note every step you do with accuracy. Download the S Health app to your smartphone, and you will be able to record exercise data and daily steps. Real-time coaching from the S Health program can help you achieve your fitness goals. The product uses a Bluetooth connection to synchronize with your phone. 

With Music On The Go, you can connect a watch with a Bluetooth headset to play your favorite songs. You will have access to a playlist you save with just a few taps on the smartwatch screen. With the fast processor of usable devices, you can easily switch between multiple apps. 4GB Storage Capacity, OS android System Version: Tizen is still in the small version for how to flashing it if your hank logo smartphone can use the way below.

#1. Things that should not be forgotten is extract all the files that have been downloaded because it is still in the form of zip to live extract all is wrong because already in extract easy to run the application.

#2. Open Odin and install Samsung Driver on your PC until finished if it can restart your computer.

#3. Live step Next turn off the Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 and turn it back on by pressing the volume down key + home + power simultaneously and wait for it to vibrate into download mode and press the volume up button then it goes into download mode.

#4. Connect your Samsung Gear 2 NEO SM-R381 to your Pc using the USB cable so it automatically detected ID: COM on Odin turns on the phone and your PC is connected with Odin.

#5. Lost click PDA / AP on Odin and navigate the file of your firmware extract result that is formatted xxx.tar.md5 where you put it there you can enter on odin wait until the loading process is complete.

#6. Live directly click START and wait until the process is complete until there is a reading PASS.

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