Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 || Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 After we want to learn flashing using your own computer This time I will share a tutorial on how to Flash Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363, which has experienced the same error your smartphone or application stalled suddenly or experienced Hank on the logo that can be said bootlop that you Flash should be back to normal as before can be in again without having to bring to the service because the cost is a bit expensive that you can use for other purposes because if we fix itself of course cost-effective service.

Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363

Before the flashing process is done there are things that you guys prepare in Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363, you need to download firmware Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 and other applications such as odin and USB Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 filennya live you download below do not forget to be careful .. yes.

Flash Tools

If it is already downloaded please place on one folder to be easy to enter Firmware.

Install it first Driver Samsung on Computers to finish because it is useful to driver Samsung who want to flash it read later.

Extract Firmware Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 and ODIN v.1.85 on your computer.

Steps Flash

#1. Now Open Odin v1.85 that has been extracted earlier in the computer wait until it opens.

#2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 data cable to the computer and plug in the smartphone and make sure your USB port is detected by Odin v1.85 usually reads ID: COM in Odin city.

#3. Enter each firmware that has been extracted earlier in a folder place in each column box corresponding reading.

#4. Enter CSC File in CSC box in odinEnter MODEM File in PHONE box Enter PDA File on PDA box.

#5. If you're done as planned click the START button to start flash Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 Via Odin.

#6. Wait for Flash process Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 is finished, If the process of flash Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5363 Via Odin finished, Will appear PASS.

So many tutorials from me may be useful to forget to comment well.

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