Firmware Download Rom Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369

Romphe || Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369 if your smartphone hank logo no panic or anxious because You need to know that doing flash Galaxy Y GT-S5360 is not difficult you need is patience in solving problems on smartphone or other smartphone, Because all the problems there must be a way out on this occasion I will give a tutorial in flash do not know you can try it if there is a smartphone that requires flash then you can try it the longest it may only take 20 minutes but if already have the tools - the tool in flash.

How To Flash Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369

A little understanding, flash is a technique of reinstalling the operating system that is useful to repair software that is damaged in it.

Why should flash ? Because the flash is caused Hp already feels slow and may have been exposed to the virus. Usually flash is done because samsung already already hank logo or other problems.

You need to know before re-install the backup data all because it will be lost can not be restored again data such as contacts and will be lost stored in internal memory. And also programs and applications will also go missing.

NOTE : I am not responsible if there is damage to your smartphone because of damage in your own responsibility for his attention thanks.

Flash Tools

Steps Flash

#1. extract all the ingredients that have been downloaded save in one folder so as not confused later, install Samsung USB driver to complete.

#2. Do not forget the battery above 50% or 70% because so as not to die during the Reinstall / Flash Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369.

#3. Turn off Samsung galaxy young until it's completely dead and the screen is black or open the battery and plug it back in order to really die.

#4. If you have directly press the Volume Down / down button + Home + Power Button simultaneously to immediately start the Install / Flash Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369.

#5. Wait until the yellow triangle appears and just click the volume up / UP.

#6. Open Odin already extracted earlier, make sure Samsung has detected in Odin there is read ID: com usually.

#7. If it is live we enter enter the firmware file that has been extracted. Click on the PDA button directly search and select the file that has become a folder of the extract results was named PDA_S5369_DXMJ1.tar.md5. Then click PHONE directly search and select the extract file was named MODEM_S5369_DXMI1.tar.md5. For the last click the CSC button immediately locate and select the extract file was named CSC_S5369_OLBMJ1.tar.md5. For "BOOTLOADER" and PIT "leave it alone because it has no effect.

Do it like this in Odin 

  • PDA = PDA_S5369_DXMJ1.tar.md5
  • PHONE = MODEM_S5369_DXMI1.tar.md5
  • CSC = CSC_S5369_OLBMJ1.tar.md5

#8. If all the files have been entered, just enter the smartphone directly click the "start" button to start the Install / Flash Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369 and wait for the process of reinstall / Flash Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5369 completed. When finished it will appear "PASS" and in the green block which means the flash finished and the smartphone will reboot itself and will live.

A few tutorials from me more apologize if there is a mistake on the writing I apologize as much as gratitude.

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