Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G388F Review Stock Rom || Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G388F has experienced an error that can not be repaired by using the head reset or smartphone is bootlop or the application stops by itself so it must use the last way is flashing, because most smartphone problems that can not be used again in a way Flashing that is the only way, flashing takes only a few minutes to work on it maybe 20 minutes or more long as long as the tool and the language is well prepared only requires a firmware, Odin, and Samsung USB driver using three ingredients in flashing.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G388F Review Stock Rom

Let's first download the materials you want to use for flashing.

NOTE : We are not responsible if there is damage to smartphones that have been flashing if flashing fails.

Flash Tools

Steps Flash

#1. Extract all the tools that have been downloaded can you create a new folder to save a file result from extract earlier.

#2. Install usb driver Samsung has been in the extract before it is complete if you can restart your computer.

#3. If it is live we open Odin that has been downloaded earlier if you can not use Run administrator or can open like other applications.

#4. If you can plug the usb cable on the computer first so easy later to on usb smartphone.

#5. Turn off your smartphone is really dead or can be unplugged battery then plug it in again and forget the battery 70% or more so strong later on if flashing runs well.

#6. Smartphone in the dead we live into mode by pressing the volume down / down + home + powe until the download mode appears.

#7. Enter the smartphone so that odin detect the smartphone has entered usb driver, usually there is reading ID: COM in odin.

#8. If we have click AP / PDA on odin to enter the firmware that has been extracted earlier in one folder.

#9. The bed until the file is finished in pad odin, we click start to start flashing and procces will run wait until there is a reading PASS and Samsung will experience reboot until life again.

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