Samsung Galaxy V Plus SM-G318HZ Firmware Update

Romphe || Samsung Galaxy V Plus SM-G318HZ On this occasion I will share about the software of Samsung Galaxy V which Samsung is experiencing damage to the system though this latest Samsung Galaxy V Plus SM-G318HZ new variant of Samsung Galaxy V standard version This comes with dual-core type processor compared to its predecessor who still uses single-core processor, dual-core faster because addition could be greater impact but the tool can be reduced and the density level so it does not linger in the track.

Samsung Galaxy V Plus SM-G318HZ Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy V Plus which already has a 3G network so it is convenient to surf the internet browser to the full and can find what we need on the internet but if Samsung Galaxy V Plus is experiencing a damage like: hank logo, often error , The application stops itself then we have to prevent and repair before the damage gets bigger by way of flash.

NOTE : I am not responsible if there is damage to your Samsung then flash correctly Let us first prepare tools and materials Flashing Samsung Galaxy V Plus.

Still in flash don't forget flash tool named Odin can you guys downloaded below according to your needs you guys already completed stay just select below.

Flash Tools

Steps Flash

#1. extract all files that have been downloaded earlier can save in the folder is up in man you want to put.

#2. The first way to driver detected Install first USB driver to finish. 

#3. Open Odin already in extract wait until it opens.

#4. Turn off Smartphone, After die then go to DOWNLOAD MODE, how to click button Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down button, then press UP button.

#5. Samsung USB computer and HP still in download mode then the HP will be detected in Odin has a sign ID: COM in Odin.

#6. The last step of entering Firmware to odin by clicking the AP / PDA button is the same as odin then you will be able to enter the firmware file where you wait for it to wait for loading to finish if it is just click start on Odin and flashing process already running wait until reading pass.

If you have rebooted HP then congratulations you've finished Flashing and now the smartphone can be as original just bought from the store.

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