Firmware Download Rom Samsung Galaxy Trend (Ace 2 X) GT-S7560 || Samsung Galaxy Trend (Ace 2 X) GT-S7560 has become the main reason hp can not be reset three fingers, it must be flashing because it caused too many applications installed so that Samsung is not fit to accommodate the application the day the day Ram and full and will cause hank logo.

Samsung Galaxy Trend (Ace 2 X) GT-S7560 Costum ROM

Sometimes exposed to a virus that can also make Samsung can also error then no worried flashing using Odin Samsung that has been available live you download, will be able to use the name of the Samsung Galaxy Trend (Ace 2 X) GT- S7560 is important to try to improve and if flashing alone it can make saving contents of the bag because the cost of flash to average - 75.000 to buy snacks, we just prepare the tools and materials flashing.

Flash Tools

Steps Flash

#1. If it has been downloaded all save, wherever it is up to you important is not confused.

#2. extract pseudo files that have been downloaded and install usb driver to the finish line.

#3. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Trend (Ace 2 X) GT-S7560 and go into download mode by pressing the button simultaneously Volume Down / down button + Home + Button Until there is a yellow triangle directly press UP

#4. Connect Samsung to USB until read in Odin there is a reading ID: COM means Samsung can be flashing just enter the firmware.

#5. Enter the firmware that is already available in the CSD odin box in CSC to match the file.
MODEM file in PHONE box.

#6. PDA enter into PDA if the file is not there and still available cotak then ignore and not in content.

#7. If all is ready, just click the Start button at the bottom of Odin and wait until the flashing goes well until there is a reading "PASS" is green

#8. Means it's finished flashing Samsung's purple until it comes back to life.

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